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Map and List of Yard Sale Homes 2014

We have a printer-friendly map and an interactive map showing the list of homes participating in the Second Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest.

First, some basic rules of engagement:

  • Please respect the start/stop times of each sale. Do not knock on doors of homes on the list if their items are not displayed.
  • Please be courteous to neighbors: do not block driveways, observe traffic rules, and watch for pedestrians.
  • Play nice with other shoppers. There is plenty of great stuff for sale please no fighting over merchandise.
  • Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. The nearest ATM is Wells Fargo (Arlington/California)
  • WIN! We are giving away 10 gift certificates to local restaurants. Post your “best yard sale find” on our Facebook page (facebook.com/HomeNV), and we will draw 10 winners! YOU could be one of them!!
  • Have fun!

Printer-friendly Map

Download a printer-friendly version of the map and list of participating homes here. (PDF)

Interactive Map

View Second Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest in an interactive map.
Note: Shaded map markers represent homes that committed to extending the hours of their yard sale. See address list below for details.

Address List of Participating Homes

Below is the address list of homes participating in the Second Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest Reno. All homes are welcome to extend their yard sale hours past noon. Homes that committed to extending the hours of their yard sale show the extended sale time next to their addresses below.

2nd Annual Old Southwest Community Yard Sale is this Saturday, May 31!

Its almost here!  Get Ready! Get set! Shop!!

What you need to know about shopping at the 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest:

  1. There are 40 homes participating – each home holds their own yard sale.
  2. We have the list of homes that will host yard sales and will make it public at 11:00 PM Friday 5/30 here at www.HomeNV.net.  If you would like to have the list emailed to you feel free to request the list via email: info@HomeNV.net (keep in mind the list will not be emailed until after 11PM  on Friday).  If this tech stuff is intimidating we will be in front of our office at 600 S Arlington Ave, Reno after 7:15AM on Saturday handing out paper lists with maps.
  3. Please be polite and respect the start time of the sale.  It is 8AM (not earlier!)
  4. Some participants have elected to host their yard sales past noon.  Please read the list of homes closely as it will have start/stop times of each yard sale.
  5. Be social! We will be giving away some great prizes to the shoppers who post their best “finds” from the sale on Facebook.

    Shoppers on Clough Road.

    Home NV Real Estate office at 600 S Arlington Ave, on the southeast corner of Marsh & Arlington, one block south of California Ave. Shoppers on Clough Road, during the 1st Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest.



Second Annual Community Yard Sale of Old Southwest

Saturday, May 31st 2014, 8am – Noon

Old Southwest Reno

Join your neighbors in a community-wide yard sale!yard-sale-sign-left-346px-259px

If you have never participated in one, you should.  Community-wide yard sales deliver more shoppers, develop a sense of camaraderie with your neighbors and conjure a festive atmosphere. Best of all, you won’t have to hassle with directional signs or advertising — we do all that for you! Clean out your garage, attic and basement to finish up your spring cleaning with a bang!
Cost: FREE!

What you do:

Step 1:  Contact our office to confirm your participation in the community yard sale by May 18th.  To have your home included sign up using the form below.  Alternatively you may call or email.
Step 2: Put the items you want to sell out on your front yard or driveway by 8 am on May 31st.

What we do:

Step 1: Coordinate the yard sale with Old Southwest participants.
Step 2: Advertise and promote the event.
Step 3: Place yard sale signs navigating people to your sale.

Fill out this form to have your home included.

Shred-A-Thon a HUGE success!

Thanks to everyone who came to shred their documents and donated money to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.  The weather was cold and windy but the participants enjoyed entering our raffle, chowing down some Rounds donuts, as they watched years of documents get pulverized by American Document Destruction.  With over 300 people joining us to shred and hundreds of dollars raised for KTMB we are stamping this one a SUCCESS! Now on to the next big event organized by Home NV – the 2nd Annual Old Southwest Reno Community Yard Sale.

Time to SHRED IT!

Here at Home NV we love to keep things clean and tidy.  We strive to be paperless but alas, we still fall victim to required paperwork.  In honor of Earth Day and to help with those Spring Cleaning efforts, we are organizing our 2nd annual Shred-A-Thon.  The event is free to the public though donations are welcome.  This year we have partnered with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful to be the recipient of donations so that they can put the money to good use in making sure our beautiful Reno stays that way!

We are proud to be once again working with American Document Destruction.  Their trucks are super efficient and quickly and securely shred paper on the spot.  The truck is even equiped with a video camera so you can wshredatch your documents get destroyed!  While you wait, feel free to enjoy some refreshments courtesy of South Pacific Financial.  Also, don’t forget to enter our raffle, we have a ton of awesome prizes for some lucky shredders.

So come on by, bring your boxes of paperwork, eat some food, win some goods, and celebrate having a clean garage!

Top 10 Reasons Your home Is NOT Selling


#1 Price – Most of the time the biggest culprit to stalling offers on a property is the price of the home.  Not surprisingly people have an emotional attachment to their residence.  Home is where we raise our families, entertain friends, and relax during our off hours.  As a result when people put their home on the markpriceet they attach a large sentimental value to what the property is actually worth based on comparables.  Also, many sellers consult real estate aggregators such as Zillow which do not always have the correct “zestimates” thus misleading the sellers into  believing their home is worth more.  Before listing your home it is best to consult with your Realtor about the recent sales in your neighborhood.  It is also a good idea to tour comparable properties on the market that have not yet sold to get an idea of the competition and perhaps note the homes which have been on the market for some time to avoid the pitfalls that property seller may be experiencing.

#2 Advertising – While the local MLS is definitely a great tool to promote homes for sale, it is just one of many available to Realtors.  Experienced brokers know that to sell a home in the shortest time for the most of money they need to promote the home to as many people as possible.  At Home NV wadvertisinge understand that while the MLS and the plethora of websites the local listings are syndicated to (such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.) it is just not enough exposure.  We believe in marketing beyond the web – we embrace print advertising!  We use direct mail to promote your listing to your neighbors – obviously they like living in your neighborhood, chances are they may have some friends or family who may want to live there too.  We promote our listings in Reno-Gazette Journal.  Additionally our broker owns I Love Reno magazine where our listings get exposure to 25,000 Reno residents.  Of course this is on top of networking with fellow agents and open houses that further help to spread the word about the listing.

#3 Condition – Buyers understand that unless they are buying a new construction, they are going to end up living in a home that has been lived in by other people.  However, with the exception of the investor-buyers who are looking for fixers, most people are looking to buy a home that feels comfortable and livable fromcondition move-in.  Thus a seller should prepare their home for sale by addressing issues that are obvious turn-offs to buyers.  This may include major improvements such as kitchen and bath renovations, or minor ones such as carpet cleaning and touch-up paint.  Either way, it helps to have the perspective of one (or more) real estate professionals to help guide you in the process of making your home sell-ready.

#4 Photography – A picture is still worth a thousand words, perhaps even a million in today’s pic-obsessed world.  A photo can mean the difference between a prospective buyer passing on touring your property because the picture did not tell a great story.  Some tips for taking great home photos include: photograph the largest bedroom (usually the master) rather than each of the bedrooms as small rooms often do not photograph well; make sure there are no pets or people in the photo (including the photographer); take extra pix of the kitchen as that is an important area for most buyers.  If it seems that the photos are not coming out stellar, consider hiring a professional photographer – we love Frank Haxton at Digiman Studio- to tell a captivating story of the home.

#5 Wrong agent – At Home NV we believe that sellers should interview several Realtors before they make their decision as to who will handle the sale of their home.  The sale (or purchase) of a home is a partnership between the seller and his agent.  Not all partnerships work out, and we feel that sometimes it is better to refer a client to awrong agent colleague if we believe that agent is better suited to handle the transaction.  To determine if an agent is the right person to partner with on the sale of your home ask some questions.  Find out how long the agent has been in business and whether they are a part-time or a full-time agent.  Ask about marketing and promotion the agent does to help his clients sell their homes.  And never be shy about voicing your concerns.  If you feel that a particular agent may not be able to get the job done find a different one - there are many experienced real estate professionals in the Reno market and you will without a doubt find the right fit.

#6 Timing – While we have gorgeous seasons in Northern Nevada that does mean that during some months many buyers (especially those who are on the fence) are hibernating from house hunting.  The official selling season kicks off in March and runs through August.  This is primarily due to families with school-aged children waning to move before the following school year begins.  Depending on weather, the season extends through October.  However, once the holidays are upon us, most sellers prefer to wait to list because they would rather entertain family than offers from prospective buyers.

too long#7 Too long on market – Much of the real estate sale is psychology 101.  When a home has been on the market for a period of time, prospective buyers tend to overlook it because “something must be wrong with it.”  Avoid other pitfalls mentioned in this article and you will not be faced with the “stale” listing dilemma.
#8 Too much personal touch – When buyers are looking for a home, they want to envision themselves living in the property.  Getting your home market-ready means taking as much personal “stuff” from visible spaces.  This includes personal items such as photographs and diplomas, as well as decorations that are “too much” stylistically.  It is best to have a neutral décor, thus if you have a particular taste, such as Victorian or nautical, it is advisable to limit the amount of these pieces to avoid the potential buyer skipping your home because they are overwhelmed by the décor.
#9 Inflexible seller – If the goal is to sell the home fast for the largest sum of money, the seller should be in partnership with his Realtor.  inflexibleThis means having the home presentable (beds made, dishes and food put away, etc.) and making the home available to show during “typical” showing hours (9AM to 7PM) daily.
#10 Stigmatized property - Some states have disclosure laws about death or violent acts committed at a property listed for sale.  The State of Nevada only requires that disclosure is made if the event is material to the home itself, for example if a roof collapsed and caused injury or death this would need to be disclosed to the prospective buyer.  It is possible for a home to become stigmatized if an event (big enough for neighbors to talk about) occurred at the property.  Best advise is to be upfront, otherwise the buyer will hear it from the neighbors and shy away from closing the deal.  Also, if the home has other stigmatizing factors out of the sellers control such as backing to a busy street, adjust the price accordingly and ask for buyer feedback.  This way the seller and his agent will always be aware of the issues concerning prospective buyers that may be addressed to help the house sell faster.

October’s Reno and Sparks Real Estate Data

blackberry-mint-lemonadeOctober held steady in numbers across the board.  In Reno, total active listings were virtually unchanged from September 1717 to 1697 in October.  Sparks’ active inventory also stayed even with September, only adding 21 active listings.  Number of homes sold in Reno dropped 16 to 401 in October.  Sparks sold properties stayed about the same in October as in September.  The other number we track is distressed inventory.  In October Reno’s distressed inventory stayed roughly the same and Sparks added 23 homes for a total of 251.  Though the temps outside are officially dipping into freezing during the night and the days are not warming up past high 50′s historically low interest rates and relatively low inventory are still bringing the buyers out to the offer table.

Reno Makes Top 10 List for Best Cities to Live

116-dtc-arlington-w1st-west - 1953Of course we all know it – Reno is awesome for too many reasons to list in a blog entry.  Now Livability.com which boasts an impressive advisory board made up of academics and CEO’s, has ranked 100 cities for the quality of life afforded to their residents -Reno is in 9th place.  The method of ranking is based on 4 principles: Access, Affordability, Choice, and Utilization.  Access includes basic elements like: schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and climate.  Affordability focuses on cost of real estate (home ownership and residential rental price), as well as cost of healthcare, transportation, and food.  This category also takes into account household income.  We all love to have options, and one of the metrics used by Livability.com is choice, which investigates the variety of transportation and communication alternatives available to city residents.  Finally Livability.com looked at how Reno’s residents are utlilizing the amenities available to them.  Our great city has received a score of 631 on the Livability.com’s index.  Reno is in great company with cities like Palo Alto, Boulder, and Miami Beach also making the top 10 list.

The Truth about Pocket Listings

Pocket-ListingsRealtors’ fundamental duty to the seller is to get the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. A real estate agent should advise their client that the decision to exclude their home from the MLS may have a significant downside.

Properties that have been put up for sale but excluded from the MLS are known as “pocket listings” or “off MLS listings”. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a data base of properties that are available for sale and are accessible to real estate agents that are subscribers to the MLS. The MLS information is also typically transmitted to internet sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com and most broker websites. By keeping the details of the sale “in their pocket” and not exposed to all other Realtors and the general home-buying public, the property is not getting the maximum exposure to result in the highest and best possible price. A reduction in exposure may lower the numbers of offers and negatively impact the sales price.

Pocket listings are sometimes used for those sellers who say, “if I can get this price, I will sell”. But even then, how can the seller be certain that they got the highest and best price without exposing it to every potential buyer in the market?

Another instance when pocket listings are sometimes used for people who do not want the inconvenience of open houses, broker previews and the prospective buyers looking in their closets, bathrooms, etc. but the lack of privacy is outweighed by the assurance that the home was exposed and brought the highest price for the seller in the present market.

Some pocket listings may be motivated by commission savings. For example, a seller may only pay 4% commission if the agent represents both sides as opposed to 6% if another agent is involved. However the commission savings may be penny wise and pound foolish if the sales price would have far greater if it had full exposure vs. the few thousand in commission saving.

A pocket listing is usually a “dual agency” which means the listing agent also represents the buyer. This is illegal in some states as there is a presumed conflict that the same agent cannot get the highest price for the seller and the lowest price for the buyer. In Nevada it is permitted under Real Estate Division regulations but it must be CLEARLY DISCLOSED to all parties.

If the pocket listing is motivated by the greed of a real estate agent and the sole purpose is to make more commission or worse yet, buy it themselves or have a direct interest in the transaction without a clear understanding by the Seller, that behavior is actionable by the local board of Realtors and the Real Estate Division not to mention civil actions for any loss to the Seller.

The majority of Realtors put their clients’ best interests ahead of their desire to receive the highest commission. Before a seller decides to agree to keep their home out of the MLS, it is a good idea to speak to a few other Realtors to understand if it is the best decision to make.